ÆONIA for developers

Creating living space means reinventing a part of our world. We see it as an act of creativity, exciting yet exhausting, which demands a great deal of everyone involved. This makes it all the more important that all the cogs are perfectly interlinked, that all units and agendas function seamlessly together.

We have decades of experience in dealing with all the details and challenges of developing and marketing real estate. Now, we aim to use this experience, our skills and our network of highly qualified partners to assist you, and allow you to focus more clearly on the essential aspect: your vision.

The services we offer developers include

  • Detailed market and location analyses
  • Identification of key target groups
  • Consulting during the planning phase
  • Pre-marketing activities through our pre-registered clients
  • Development of a coherent corporate design (name, logo, claim etc.)
  • Creating high-quality 3D visualisations and photographs
  • Design and implementation of a customised project website
  • Property videos, digital tours and virtual reality available on request
  • Development and realisation of advertising activities (print and online)
  • Large-scale advertising formats (POI, trade fairs, construction site info boards, billboards, vehicle wraps etc.)

You have other ideas that you want us to realize?

Let's meet and talk about them. We will find a way to make them become reality, because our success only starts once the very last unit is sold.

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Selling and Marketing

ÆONIA for private clients

When it comes down to making reliable investments, property still remains one of the most secure forms of assets. However, it is crucial that the asset, whenever necessary, can be remobilised in the best possible way.

ÆONIA will help you to successfully position your existing property on the real estate market and to market it accordingly. With our in-depth knowledge of the market and years of practical experience, we know the most profitable ways for identifying the right buyer or tenant for your property.

Our services for private clients include:

  • Property valuations – free-of-charge and no obligation
  • Detailed market analysis and strategy development
  • Preparation and procurement of all documents necessary for the marketing process
  • We will arrange a home staging of your property if requested, using hired furniture and accessories to show it off to its very best
  • If requested, your property will be photographed by a professional for a perfect online appearance
  • Cross platform and cross-media marketing
  • Completion of all legal aspects and notarial formalities
  • Verification of tenant/buyer prior to presentation of the offer
  • Advice and support to first-time landlords